Twenty years ago Riki Maiocchi died

Twenty years ago Riki Maiocchi died

The day he died, February 2, 2004, twenty years ago, the newspapers wrote about him, remembering above all his greatest success, “One more” (a song by Mogol and Lucio Battisti). But Riki Maiocchiwho also founded i Chameleons leaving them on the eve of commercial success, as a soloist (his recording activity lasted until 1972, when he retired to private life) he released several singles, and several of these did not go unnoticed. We present some of them again, as a tribute to an Italian musician who did not have the luck he deserved.

1964: “Your True Personality”

1964 – “Don’t Tell My Mother”

1965 – “La casa del sole (The house of the rising sun)”

1965 – “The one you’re looking for”

1966 – “One more”

1967 – “There are those who hope”

1967 – “Take your head in your hands”

1967 – “But not love”

1969 – “I am here”

1972 – “Help me”