Marlene Kuntz on tour to celebrate "Catartica"

Marlene Kuntz on tour to celebrate “Catartica”

The tour will start on March 12th from The Cage in Livorno Marlene KuntzCristiano Godano, Luca Lagash, Riccardo Tesio, Davide Arneodo and Sergio Carnevale – which will celebrate thirty years of “Cathartic”their debut album released on May 13, 1994.

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Concert calendar:

12 March – The Cage, Livorno DATA ZERO

March 14 – Alcatraz, Milan

March 15 – Orion, Rome

March 23 – Cso Pedro, Padua

5 April – Viper, Florence

April 11th – Hiroshima Mon Amour, Turin – SOLD OUT

April 12 – Hiroshima Mon Amour, Turin – SOLD OUT

April 19 – New Age, Roncade (TV) – SOLD OUT

April 20th – TPO, Bologna – SOLD OUT

26 April – Demodè, Bari

27 April – Mamamia, Senigallia (AN)

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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the album, the reissue of will be available from Friday 8 March “Cathartic”in the CD and double LP format, both with booklet with unpublished photos and a limited edition SPECIAL BOX containing the CD, the double LP (and the related booklets with unpublished photos), the cassette of “DEMOSONICI” with a never-released bonus track, the poster of the 2024 tour and an exclusive “fan pass” which will give the opportunity to meet the band in a special meet & greet during the tour stops.

“Catartica turns 30 in 2024. You could say ‘it seems like yesterday’, but in reality it seems like what it is: that is, 30 years have passed, and we Marlene are aware of how many things have been done in this period of time which lasted as long as it lasted, and which causes the times of Cathartica seem distant to us, but in reality they are equally close to us.”, comments Cristiano Godano. “At the opening of Festa Mesta I wrote ‘Congratulations for the party, a fucking party’.

It is not really difficult to translate spatially and temporally to the present day that anger resulting from the existential anxieties of a provincial young man, bending the meaning of the words to something that can well describe the terrible situation of our contemporary world. Because it is a very bad party to which we have been invited by the passage of time, and humanity seems to be taking a risky turn, which is now under the eyes of many. The world is burning, says a song from our latest album, Karma Clima, at a certain point, and the fucking party we were invited to is the image that illustrates this statement well. Is there still anyone who doesn’t feel the many distortions we are facing? Everyone may have their own ideas in identifying the causes of all this and we have ours, but the consequences seem to be the same for everyone: turbulence, anger, disillusionment, disappointment, discouragement, progressive overturning of the values ​​we thought we could give for granted. And if the causes can be very different depending on the point of view, the incompetences, the counter-narratives, the mystifications, and the various bullshit that people are suffering unite the majority in an exhausted feeling. Congrats on the party! A fucking party.”