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With an untamed passion and deep, eclectic knowledge of music, John is the soul of RadioWise UK. Having worked in the music industry for over two decades, his vision was to create a platform that embodies the love and respect for music. John is known for his great attention to detail and insatiable thirst for discovering new talents and music genres.



Emily is the rock on which the voice of RadioWise UK is founded. With a master’s degree in music journalism and a career as a renowned critic, her pen is used to enlighten readers on the finest details of each composition and interpretation. She is loved by the community for her honesty, her straightforward approach and constructively critical reviews.


Discovery Manager

An insatiable pioneer, Claire is always ready to dive into the unknown to unearth the next big music revelation. Armed with a sharp ear and unfailing instinct, she is the site’s main source for introducing new talents or underrated genres to the world. Her contagious passion for inspiring and non-conventional musical discoveries is what makes her a cornerstone of the RadioWise UK team.