Bruce Springsteen's video for farewell to his mother Adele

Bruce Springsteen’s video for farewell to his mother Adele

Through a post shared on social media yesterday evening, February 1st, Bruce Springsteen announced the passing of his mother Adele.

In giving his last farewell to his mother, who passed away on January 31 at the age of 98, on his Instagram profile, the singer-songwriter from New Jersey published a touching video of him dancing with her.

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To accompany the video, Springsteen chose some verses from “The wish”, a song dedicated to his mother Adele, originally written for “Tunnel of love” (1987), but never officially released until the “Tracks” outtakes box and included in the show “Springsteen on Broadway”. During one of those shows, Bruce had shared an anecdote about his mother’s love for dancing: “She and her sisters, women who came out of the 1940s full of worries, were true ‘dancing machines’ and knew the trick: the dancing, for them, has always been about survival.”

“She has always danced and continues to do so,” Springsteen added, underlining how his mother never stopped being an expert dancer, even after her Alzheimer’s diagnosis: Adele Zirilli Springsteen was often seen at her son’s concerts, dancing alongside stage, sometimes called on stage. Memorable in Italy was a concert at the Ferraris stadium in Genoa in ’98 with the boss’s mother and aunt on stage dancing a tarantella.

In addition to Bruce Springsteen, his wife Patti Scialfa also remembered her mother-in-law born on May 4, 1925 with a post on social media.

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