Madonna's fall on stage, but she gets up and continues the show

The new commercial shot by Madonna (a little self-referential)

“They call me the Queen of Pop. I know, it’s a compliment, but the monarchy refers to the past. I’m not past. I’m ageless. I’m all ages”: Madonna says so in the new commercial she shot for Itau, the largest Brazilian bank.

Lady Ciccone shared the clip on her official social channels: “I saw many stars appear and disappear, as if they were shooting stars. My light, however, will never fade. Not everyone will remain in the future, but I will. I will continue to go forward, today, tomorrow and over the next hundred years: I continually reinvent myself, so I can continue to be myself.” In the ad, the pop star is seen climbing a staircase at the OpĂ©ra Garnier in Paris, reflecting on her career, her successes and her artistic talent in a voice-over. Here is the video:.

The commercial was directed by Jonas Ă…kerlund, a director from Vedova who Madonna knows very well: he directed the video for her hit “Ray of light” for her in 1998 and since then he has collected several collaborations over the years with the Queen of Pop. In 2000 he directed the music video for “Music”, in 2003 that of “American life”, in 2005 that of “Jump”, in 2009 that of “Celebration”, in 2015 that of “Ghosttown” and “Bitch, I ‘m Madonna”, in 2019 that of “God control”. Not only that: for Lady Ciccone Ă…kerlund also directed the concert films “I’m going to tell you a secret” in 2005, “Tour – Live from London” in 2006 and “The confessions tour” in 2007.