From the first Grammy in twenty years to the tour: this is how Kylie was reborn

From the first Grammy in twenty years to the tour: this is how Kylie was reborn

And to think that some of the most influential and important radio stations in the UK just didn’t want to hear about playing “Padam padam”.. And not so much because the single didn’t convince the artistic directors of the broadcasters, but because the song was sung by a singer they considered “old”. They turned to Kylie Minogue, 80 million copies sold worldwide in a forty-year career, just like that.

The story, which says a lot about the mechanisms that regulate the recording industry in the TikTok era, was told by Lostboy, real name Peter Rycroft, hitmaker – already alongside Lewis Capaldi, Anne-Marie, Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora – who wrote and produced the hit. Nine months after the release of “Padam padam”, .everyone wants a piece of Kylie Minogue. Even those artistic directors who considered it boiled over and who now broadcast the soundtrack of its rebirth at full throttle or – as in the case of the organizers of the British Summer Time, a large festival which represents one of the most awaited events of the British musical summer and which every year brings together thousands of people in Hyde Park in London – they absolutely want his name on the event posters.

“Padam padam” is theyet another rebirth masterclass by Kylie, a phoenix who has spent an entire life – and career – being reborn from its ashes. She survived the early success, when at just 19 years old he found himself at the top of the charts around the world with hits such as “I should be so luck” and “Got to be certain”. She survived an explosive hit like “Can’t get you out of my head”, which risked swallowing it up at the beginning of the 2000s. She survived a breast cancer which in 2005 forced her to retire from the scene for a year to take care of herself. And it’s it also survived the onslaught of new generation pop stars ready to dethrone it: he beat them playing in their championship, incredible but true, that TikTok which is now an incubator of catchphrases and viral successes.

It is from there that, while the British networks snubbed her, the rise of “Padam padam” began, which won over boys and girls who were not even born when in 2001 the Australian pop star with the same “Can’t get you of my head” sold over 5 million copies all over the world: thanks to a choreography that was as crazy as it was effective – it consists of moving your hands to the rhythm once to the left and once to the right – which started an irresistible trend.

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“Padam padam” it became Kylie Minogue’s first top 40 hit in the United States in twenty years. He was also the the pop star’s biggest hit single in the UK in over a decadewith four consecutive weeks spent in the top 10 of the most listened to and downloaded singles chart across the Channel.

The album “Tension” reached the top of the British charts last October. Not bad for the “old” one with a thirty-five year career behind her, who had now been given up for dead. In the end even the skeptics had to change their minds (thanks to a ferocious campaign by the fans, who literally carried out a social crusade against the networks that had refused to play “Padam padam”). It didn’t end here. At the beginning of the month at the Arena in Los Angeles Kylie Minogue sensationally managed to win with her song “Padam padam”.first Grammy Award in twenty yearsas “Best Dance Recording”: the last one was won in 2004 with “Come into my world” in the same category. On March 2nd at the O2 Arena at the Brit Awards Kylie will receive the Global Icon award in front of 20 thousand spectators: Can’t get Kylie out of our heads, one might almost say.