The 2024 edition of the Lucca Summer Festival is underway

The 2024 edition of the Lucca Summer Festival is underway

The leading names of international and national music will be on stage at Lucca Summer Festival for a total of 19 evenings, some of which have already been sold out for some time.

The concerts will take place in two locations: at the Mura di Lucca (the largest) where they will be on stage Ed Sheeran and Eric Clapton, While Rod Stewart, Lenny Kravitz, Smashing Pumpkins And Duran Duran (among others) will perform in Piazza Napoleonein the city center.

The duration of the Lucca Summer Festival is also extended. There will be 19 evenings of which 9 concerts will be exclusively Italian and with artists arriving at the festival for the first time and who will perform on a double date (Ed Sheeran and Duran Duran). There will also be space for a special event linked to classical music which will see Maestro Riccardo Muti interpret Puccini's masterpieces next to the Walls.

During the press conference to present the festival Mimmo D'AlessandroArtistic Director of the Festival and CEO of D'Alessandro e Galli he has declared:

After more than 25 years of activity it now seems impossible to improve and instead I think I can say that what we are about to experience will be the best edition of LSF ever. It will be a joy for us to welcome music legends and big names from the new international scene to our stage. Each musical genre is represented with excellence and this will give a vast audience the opportunity to enjoy great evenings of music in Lucca

This is the complete calendar of the Tuscan event. The concerts (except where indicated) all take place in Piazza Napoleone:

June 2 Eric Clapton (at the Walls)
8 – 9 June Ed Sheeran (at the Walls)
June 30 Swedish House Mafia
July 3 Tedua
July 5 Geolier
July 6 The Smashing Pumpkins + Tom Morello
July 7 Rod Stewart
11 July Calcutta
July 12 Lenny Kravitz
July 15 Diana Krall
July 16 John Fogerty
July 18 Salmo & Noyz
July 19 Mika
July 20 Sam Smith
21 – 23 July Duran Duran
July 24 Toto + Marcus Miller
July 26 Gazelles.

On June 28, before opening the doors of Piazza Napoleone, the Lucca Summer Festival will lend its stage to an event to celebrate the centenary of the death of the legendary Lucca composer Giacomo Puccini. In an evening that will be broadcast live and worldwide by Rai, Maestro Riccardo Muti will take the podium to conduct the “Cherubini” Orchestra formed exceptionally, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of its foundation, by 130 musicians who will accompany the performances of the singers of 'Opera.

Others will be added to these dates to host another novelty of this 2024 edition of LSF: talk show evenings which will see interviews and entertainment on stage with personalities from the entertainment, press and literature.