Sanremo 2024, SIAE at the Festival with Piazza della Musica

Sanremo 2024, SIAE at the Festival with Piazza della Musica

SIAE returns to preside over the Sanremo Festival with an ad hoc outpost installed, like last year, in Piazza Borea d’Olmo, a few meters from the Ariston theatre: for the seventy-fourth edition of the Italian Song Festival the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers announced the reopening of what collecting itself defined as “a space for discussion for authors, publishers, artists, producers, journalists and the public, which includes the SIAE Lounge and the House of Music”.

Piazza della Musica was born with the patronage of Rai, and the main partners AssoConcerti, NUOVOIMAIE – New Mutualistic Institute of Artists, Performers and SIAE – Italian Society of Authors and Publishers. AssoMusica is involved as a partner, while Audiocoop, Evolution, PMI and SCF are present as supporters. Rai Radio2 is the media partner of the initiative, created by Massimo Bonelli’s iCompany.

SIAE Lounge has been configured as a two-story skybox, in partnership with RAI Radio 2, which will receive exclusive guests, authors and competing artists. FIPE, the Italian Federation of Confcommercio Public Businesses, will also be present in the space.

Casa Della Musica was designed as a place also open to the public, where business meetings and music talks will be held with representatives of the Italian music industry, with a rich program starting from 7 February, but also with showcases of young talents of the Italian panorama: this space will host panels organized by the collecting and partner associations of the initiative. Among the topics that will be covered, NUOVO IMAIE will address the fight against piracy, Sanremo Story, creativity at stake, music in public places and the role of women in the recording industry; AssoMusica live shows and the new frontiers of cultural tourism; Audiocoop the protection of independent music and Made in Italy; PMI inclusiveness in music; SCF and Evolution the reporting and perspectives of artists and producers in the framework of related rights.

Furthermore, the second edition of the General States of Italian Music will be held at Casa della Musica, where the gathered music industry will discuss the state of health of the sector with the Undersecretary of Culture Gianmarco Mazzi to propose corrective measures and solutions capable of accompanying its growth.

“The music sector in Italy has never before experienced a period of great prosperity in terms of sales, public participation and industrial activities”, declared the President of SIAE Salvatore Nastasi: “For this reason we have decided to strengthen our presence and commitment of SIAE in Sanremo by creating, in the renovated and expanded Casa della Musica, a center for aggregation and daily discussion with the most important associative realities of the supply chain, which will support us to define and motivate a common position on the many challenges that await us in the immediate future . And it will be this location that will host, on Friday 9 February, the second edition of the General States of Italian Music, during which we will present requests and proposals to the Government to support this growth process”.

“We have always been alongside the music industry and SIAE not only with the Sanremo Festival, an internationally known event which over the years has constituted a springboard for many Italian artists now known worldwide, but with many events and programs throughout the year”, added the CEO of Rai Roberto Sergio: “Our programming ranges from the light music of the summer festivals, to the May 1st concert, to the ever-increasing space for Eurovision Song Contest, to get to the rich and extensive programming reserved for so-called classical music on Rai 5 or Rai Radio3. I also want to underline the great commitment made by Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, Isoradio and the specialized channels to spread and popularize the many musical events around Italy”.

“For this new edition of the Italian Song Festival, SIAE doubles”, concluded the Mayor of Sanremo Alberto Biancheri: “The meeting places designed by SIAE become two, thus allowing Piazza Borea d’Olmo to increase its appeal and be configured in its own right as a true Music Square. Thanks to the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers for continuing to believe in us and for the many proposals which, as always, will enrich the week of the Festival”.

The Caffè d’Autore also return to the Casa della Musica to talk about books linked to the history of Italian music. It opens on February 7th with La Musica è un lampo by Stefano Senardi, who will talk about his book with one of the authors competing at the Festival: Diodato. On the 8th Nico Donvito and Marco Rettani present their Ho won the Sanremo Festival, while on Friday the 9th Paolo Jannacci will be the protagonist of a meeting dedicated to Enzo Jannacci. The cycle of events concludes with The Magic Box of Sanremo by Walter Vacchino and Luca Ammirati.