Pearl Jam, the new single is "Wreckage"

Pearl Jam, the new single is “Wreckage”

The day after tomorrow i Pearl Jam they will release the new album “Dark matter”today they release the single “Wreckage”. In a conversation with Spin magazine, the guitarist of the Seattle band Stone Gossard he explained how Eddie Vedder and the manufacturer Andrew Watts have built the foundations of the song.

This is what was declared by Stone Gossard: “Andrew and Ed solved the problem together.

One morning we walked in and something was happening. For me that probably has the greatest structure, in terms of listening to it initially and thinking about it, it's kind of an Ed song. I wasn't quite aware of the power of him. Andrew encouraged me to play this little harmonic and acoustic part almost like it was a Cure tune. I've played the song and I'm really looking forward to playing it live. It has really powerful lyrics and I think we did a really good job of taking something and really pushing it to the limit.”

This is our impression “Wreckage” previewed a couple of weeks ago: “A classic midtempo with the vocals in front and an arpeggiated guitar between REM and Tom Petty, two great loves of Vedder and the band: an impression reinforced by the presence of choirs and vocal harmonies . “I've only ever wanted/for it not to be this way but you're now like the water/and the water will find its way/combing through the wreckage/holding out, holding on””.