Bruce Springsteen surprises on stage with John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp: “If you want to scream, don't come to my concert”

The 72 year old John Mellencamp recently kicked off his US tour. On stage he will present not only his successes but also songs from his latest album “Orpheus descending” (read the review here) published in June last year. Speaking of the tour, the musician originally from the state of Indiana, during an interview granted to the Washington Post, took the opportunity to send a strong and clear message to those who intend to attend his concerts: behave well or simply stay in your home.

These are the words chosen by Mellencamp to launch his warning: “I expect etiquette within the theater to be respected, just as it would be for a Broadway show.

My shows are no longer real concerts. They are performances and there is a difference between a performance and a concert. They are no longer for everyone. They just aren't. If you want to come and scream and get drunk, don't come to my show.”.

Respect for the artist on stage is a theme dear to him John Mellencamp, told concertgoers to “keep their mouths shut” during an acoustic portion of his show during a concert in March last year. Last May, however, Mellencamp criticized the actions of the US government from the stage, in response a member of the audience shouted at him to “play that fucking music”. He replied by saying: “Listen guys, if these people don't shut up I'm leaving. Because I'm not used to this bullshit. Guys, if I wanted to play in a place full of drunks, I'd play outdoors or in an arena.”

Most recently, last month, things kicked things up a notch. During a concert in Toledo, Ohio, JohnMellencamp he was outraged when a person in the audience invited him to “play some music”. In response, Mellencamp responded by saying, “What do you think I did, you cocksucker? Here's the thing, man. You don't know me. You don't know me for shit. Hey Joe, find this guy and show me after the show.” Mellencamp then walked off stage, leading one to think, at first, that he intended to interrupt the show. But in the end he retraced his steps and resumed the concert.