Once the tours are over, Elton John relaxes but isn't bored

Once the tours are over, Elton John relaxes but isn't bored

After more than half a century spent performing all over the world, the tours are over Elton John he's getting used to his new life, an adjustment he's had to make.

A few months before the deadline Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tourthe concert series that marked her farewell to live performances, the pop star said it took some getting used to.

“After traveling the world non-stop for practically all my life, it took a while to get used to the change, but we are settling in,” John told the ExtraTv website which reported it interviewed at a dinner in honor of Julia Roberts' collaboration with Chopard.

The final farewell to the stage came eight months ago, when Elton John held his last concert at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, which was recorded for a concert film on Disney+. Now she enjoys her husband, children and home.

Despite the absence of the frenetic lifestyle of touring and recording activity (Elton John has sold around 300 million records in his career) his life is certainly not that of an observer of construction sites. Or rather he participates in the artistic projects that he has opened. He is in fact working on two musicals: one on Tammy Faye Bakker, the show-woman, who passed away in 2007, who became a gay icon for her style and support for the LGBTQ+ community and who will land on Broadway. The other one is an adaptation of The devil wears Prada with Vanessa Williams in the role of Miranda Priestly.

“I like writing musicals – he said – because they are the result of collaboration between several people and it takes a long time before they can be staged”.

Sir Reginald Kenneth Dwightadded that at least for this year he already has too many things to do, even if all manageable, thus closing the door to any other possible new recording projects.