Gala evening for Jon Bon Jovi with many rock stars and an unreleased song

Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen driving together

Jon Bon Jovi had the support of another rock legend during his recovery following surgery: that of Bruce Springsteen.

In 2022, the Bon Jovi frontman underwent vocal cord medialization, a surgery to help his voice regain proper function.

There medialization it is an operation carried out to solve the problem of paralysis of the vocal cords. The operation consists in moving the vocal cord towards the midline by inserting an adjustable spacer laterally to the affected cord. This can be accomplished under local anesthesia, allowing the position of the spacer to be adapted to the patient's voice.

In a recent conversation with Matt Wardlaw of Ultimate Classic RockBon Jovi revealed how his friend helped him during his recovery.

“Bruce came to pick me up every two weeks,” the singer recalled. “During rehab we would go on these 100-mile car trips where I could barely speak. It was mostly about the support: 'I'm here for you, man'. You know, 'We're going to get through this.'”

Bon Jovi pointed out that long car trips weren't entirely serious and then obviously two rock stars hanging out together didn't go unnoticed and often who met them noticed them.

“There's Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen driving around New Jersey. Do you want the state police to pull you over?” Bon Jovi joked. “One day we were at a traffic light and some people were collecting money for a veterans' hall with a bucket of coins. I rolled down the window, I had some money in my pocket and I took it out. The guy saw me and he said, ‘Hey!’ Then he leaned over and looked in the window and saw Bruce and said, ‘Oh!’ And then all the VFW guys showed up.”

About his voice and the surgery Jon Bon Jovi said: “My voice was 'broken'. And I had to go and look for someone who could do something special in vocal surgery,” the singer revealed. “And it's been scary. So these last two years have been a journey.” Now this journey has a new beginning that starts with an album, Forever”, which will be released on June 7.