Laurie Anderson: “Amelia” is released, the first album of unreleased songs since 2018

Laurie Anderson: “Amelia” is released, the first album of unreleased songs since 2018

“Amelia” is the title of Laurie Anderson's new studio album, who returns with the first unreleased project after “Landfall” (read our review here) in 2018. The album is expected for next August 30th and tells the story of story of the tragic last flight of Amelia Earhart, an American aviator who became famous for being the first woman to cross the Atlantic solo and who disappeared before completing the trip around the world in 1937.

“The words used in 'Amelia' are inspired by her pilot diaries, the telegrams she wrote to her husband and my idea of ​​what a woman flying around the world might think,” explains Anderson, who has already dedicated a piece presented for the first time at Carnegie Hall in 2000, recently performed in an updated version taken around Europe.

In the making of the album, the artist – who received the Lifetime Achievement Award during the 2024 Grammy ceremony last February – was supported by the Czech orchestra Filharmonie Brno, conducted by Dennis Russell Davies, and by Anohni, Gabriel Cabezas, Rob Moose, Ryan Kelly, Martha Mooke, Marc Ribot, Tony Scherr, Nadia Sirota and Kenny Wolleson.

The new album “Amelia” is preceded by the single “Road to Mandalay”.

Here is the tracklist and cover:

1. To Circle the World
2. I See Something Shining
3. Take-off
4. Aloft
5. San Juan
7. Crossing the Equator
8. The Badlands
9. Waves of Sand
10. The Letter

India And On Down to Australia.
12. This Modern World
13. Flying at Night
14. The Word for Woman Here
15. Road to Mandalay
16. Broken Chronometers
17. Nothing But Silt
18. The Wrong Way
19. Fly Into the Sun
20. Howland Island
21. Radio
22. Lucky Dime