Keith Moon once gave a cemetery to John Entwistle

Keith Moon once gave a cemetery to John Entwistle

The legendary drummer of Who Keith Moonwho passed away in 1978, was also known by his nickname “Moon theLoon” because he really did a lot of wildly crazy things, really out of the ordinary.

There are a lot of stories and stories about him that often border on romance. One of these was told by BillWyman. The former bassist of Rolling Stones reported that once Keith Moon he bought a cemetery as a birthday present for his bandmate, the bassist John Entwistle.

In an interview with Classic Rock in 2022,

Bill Wyman he recalled some stories about the drummer of the Who. One of these concerned the drummer's purchase of a cemetery. “I was often at Moonie's house. Keith was a wonderful guy but, God, he was over the top. The doctor brought him a lot of stuff, and in three days Keith had gotten it all. There were Valium, sleeping pills, wake-up pills and speed pills, he took them all the time. In the morning he drank champagne, accompanied by brandy. I looked at him in disbelief.”

Wyman continues with his story: “Once, one morning, I was making a cup of tea and his lovely Swedish girlfriend (Annette Walter-Lax, ed.) came down, I had heard them arguing upstairs, she had some scratches on both sides of the face, with blood. I asked her, 'Annette, what happened?' And she said back: 'Oh, nothing. Keith just threw the cat at me.' He did the craziest things. If he was meeting me and Ringo on a field trip, he would arrive in a full hunting uniform. He would go out and rent fox hunting equipment: hat, coat, riding crop, jodhpurs. He once bought a cemetery in the West Country as a birthday present for John Entwistle.”