Fontaines DC, the new single “Favourite” is out

Fontaines DC, the new single “Favourite” is out

THE Fontaines DC issued “Favourite”the second single after that “Starbuster”taken from their fourth album “Romance”, whose release is expected on August 23rd on XL Recordings. The frontman of the Irish group, Grian Chattendescribes it as having “an infinite sound, a continuous cycle from euphoria to sadness, two worlds that eternally rotate.”

The video of “Favourite”self-directed by the same band, documents a recent trip to Madrid, a city with which i Fontaines A.D have several personal connections: it is the place where the guitarist Carlos O'Connell was born and raised and is the city that the band used as a base for its first tour. It shows childhood footage of the five band members.

Talking about the video the bassist Conor Deegan says: “This video is a reminiscence of the past, of the childhood of others that we didn't know.

Seeing childhood images of adult people we know intimately allows us in some way to explore where we came from and who we still are. I recognize their faces, and the antics the kids do in their videos are so disarming. I am reminded of childhood ways that have changed over time and others that have not. I feel their souls. I would like this video to serve to honor our friendships and, starting from these, the relationships that are dear to us. Our mothers, our fathers, our brothers, our aunts and uncles, our grandmothers and our grandfathers. Those who are still there and those who unfortunately we have lost. We haven't lost that connection with each other and we're not afraid to grow, maintaining romance in a sometimes difficult world.”


1. Romance

2. Starburster

3. Here's The Thing

4. Desire

5. In The Modern World

6. Bugs

7. Motorcycle Boy

8. Sundowner

9. Horseness is the Whatness

10. Death Kink

11. Favorite

THE Fontaines DC will be in concert in Italy for two concerts this summer, on June 23rd at the La Prima Estate festival in Lido di Camaiore, in the province of Lucca, and on June 25th, a sold out concert, at the Auditorium Parco Della Musica in Rome. They will then return during the autumn for another concert at Alcatraz in Milan on November 4th.