You will be boiled: Rick Rubin is still the Mr. Wolf of rock

The first edition of the Festival of The Sun curated by Rick Rubin

To officially kick off the summer season, after the summer solstice, the first edition of the Festival of The Sun, curated by Rick Rubin, will be held in Casole D'Elsa (SI) next Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd June.

The two-day event, described as “a real secret festival”, includes music, art and culture marked by the rhythm of nature to “celebrate creativity in all its forms”.

At the moment, a detailed calendar is not yet known: a press note informs that the programme, guests and details of the event will be communicated only through the official social channels of the Festival and the website on this page. However, it is known that all appointments will have free admission while places last

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“The word 'solstice', from the Latin 'solstitium', means 'still sun'”, we read when entering the Festival website: “An apparent pause of the sun at its highest point before moving south again. The astronomical summer begins with the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. This day is associated with change, nature and new beginnings. Ancient Greek calendars mark the beginning of the new year with the solstice.”