Kaze: “The X Factor no helped me, it made me grow”

Kaze: “The X Factor no helped me, it made me grow”

Kaze, with its music, strikes because it is sincere and frank. She doesn't have to show herself for what she isn't, she doesn't pursue pre-established solutions or paths, but she wears musical clothes, sewn for herself, in which she wants to feel good, at ease. The his debut album “Post dark”, composed of ten tracks and co-produced by Wolfgang and Plasticadoes not convey, like many albums by emerging artists, any artificiality. It's a good pop album, with musical and textual solutions that aren't obvious, pleasant, interesting. A “business card” that is also striking for the naturalness with which it is delivered and on which he is working to make it powerful also on the live front. “But for an emerging player, finding space to play and improve is not at all easy”, says Kaze with personality. Many already know her voice because yespeak in the chorus of the song “Indelebili”, contained in the latest album of the same name by Club Dogofurthermore Paola Gioia Kaze Formisano, this is her real name, is also an actress: she joined the cast of the successful Sky Original series “Call my agent Ita” since the first season.

“I'm actually afraid of the dark, and not since I was a child. It is an irrational fear, which has grown over time, which has coincided with many difficult moments in my life and my journey – confides Kaze regarding the title of his debut – in the 'no' moments I always saw 'everything dark'. By making music, however, I found my 'darkness', that is, a light that went beyond, that broke through the darkness. Despite having studied and then managed to find a job, this darkness wouldn't let me go. Only with music, I had the feeling that that darkness diminished, despite all the effort that making songs requires…”.

And here we discover another aspect of Kaze: workaholic, commitment, not being satisfied, trying to always be up to what you are going to do, in the positive sense of the term, and seeking your own path with awareness and without ceasing to improve yourself. His album confirms it. “I always wanted to make music, I remember my uncles playing on Sundays, my mother singing, I grew up in a family full of songs – says Kaze – but it took a long time from there to wanting to do it as a job…in the sense that in the post-high school phase I committed myself to helping my familyalso due to some problems, I studied nursing and started working. Meanwhile I didn't abandon my true interests, I made attempts in theater and music, the worlds I have always loved. In 2020 I auditioned for X Factor which went badly. And she pissed me off so much because I hadn't arrived ready enough for that occasion. I was angry and said to myself: I can't waste my time anymore. I took singing lessons, I began to refine my writing, working in a profound way on myself.”

The second big opportunity, the audition for the film “Dog Years”, he didn't fail, mindful of that first burn. And even in the musical field she didn't give up: “I have never been able to afford to study music, this aspect also marked me, made me angry and consequently react. To grow in terms of writing, I remember going to the studios of several author friends, here in Milan, to try to understand how they worked on the songs. I have always loved songwriting and also rap, for its ability to express, in a direct way, even difficult concepts. These tours have helped me and continue to help me a lot”.

Do you have to choose, at a certain point, between music and cinema? “America has been telling us no for a long time: look at Britney, Beyoncé or Lady Gaga, for example. Very powerful women who grew up with a very broad wealth of knowledge, from dancing to acting to music. And this aspect is conceived as normal. In Italy we still live with this idea of ​​pigeonholing or categorization at all costs which, however, in some way, here too, is being overcome in practice thanks to a sort of new movement. I think of Margherita Vicario or Elodie, who divide their time with credibility and skill between cinema and songs. It's really wrong to limit yourself, thinking that you have to do only one thing for your whole life…The world of cinema has helped me a lot in the music industry.”

And how do you become the voice of an important chorus in a Dogo album? “Almost by chance – she smiles – I was sitting on the sofa, my agent called me and told me if I was interested in attempting a recording in Don Joe's studio, I had to be there two hours after that call. It was all quick, top secret. Even after recording the voice, that and another time, the atmosphere changed little or nothing. In the sense that, until the song actually came out, I didn't know whether or not I would end up on the Dogo album. I didn't hear anything for months. Their return to the scene was top secret. It was great to discover it on the day of the release party”.