Eurovision 2024, who is the favorite according to the bettors

Eurovision 2024, rehearsals start today: how the predictions change

The gigantic organizational machine of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 has officially started. Rehearsals for the event, scheduled from 7 to 11 May, started today at the Malmö Arena in Malmö. The singers who will represent the various countries competing at the festival will rehearse their respective performances for the first time: it is one of the most awaited moments by Eurovisioners, as the fans of the “most followed non-sporting event in the world” are called, which only in the last five editions have brought together over 700 million viewers in total in front of the TV. But how do the bookmakers' predictions change when the debut is just over ten days away?

The favorite to win is the Swiss Nemo, competing with his “The code”. 24 years old, real name Nemo Mettler, the singer – who asks to be referred to by using gender-neutral pronouns – performs wearing a pink veil dress, mixing rap and opera: “My song, pearl of the journey that I started with the awareness of being neither a man nor a woman”, he says. Sisal pays 3 times the wagered amount for his victory, GoldBet and Snai just 2.75. The Croatian Baby Lasagna is chasing him with his “Rim Tim Tagi Dim”, who until a few days ago was considered the number one favourite, only to be ousted from the top – at least on paper – by the Swiss: his possible victory is priced at 4 from Snai, Sisal and GoldBet.

On the lowest step of the podium in the bettors' ranking is the Dutchman Joost Klein, who will sing his “Europapa” at Eurovision: it is a dance piece that “is about an orphan who travels around Europe” ( there is also a verse in Italian in the lyrics: “Io sono Italia”, he sings). Snai pays 4.50 times the wagered amount for his victory, GoldBet and Sisal 5.

And Angelina Mango? The Lucanian singer-songwriter, winner of the last Sanremo Festival, with “La noia” will try to leave the audience speechless also thanks to the choreography of her performance, signed by Mecnun Giasar: the German artist, 31 years old, is a choreographer of world famous who over the years has also worked with the k-pop superstars BTS, the Queen of Pop Madonna and the star of new Spanish music Rosalía. The possible victory of the singer-songwriter is quoted at 5 by GoldBet, at 5.50 by Snai and at 6 by Sisal.