Gilmour: "A Pink Floyd reunion as holograms? Why not?"

Gilmour: “A Pink Floyd reunion as holograms? Why not?”

A Pink Floyd reunion in the form of holograms? Why not. David Gilmour surprisingly opens up to an event that would be sensational, but only under certain conditions. In a recent interview granted to Uncut magazine close to the release of the single “The piper's call”, which anticipates the new album “Luck and strange” due out next September 6th (nine years after “Rattle that lock”), the The 78-year-old guitarist responded to a question on the topic like this, after saying he went to London to see ABBA's hologram show:

If you're a die-hard ABBA fan, you'll enjoy it too. I thought their images were pretty good though, but I wasn't entirely convinced they were real. The best moment for me was when the live band played a song, 'Does your mother know'. A show like this for Pink Floyd? If someone came along with a lot of money and brilliant ideas, and if we accepted a set of difficult and onerous conditions, I would say: 'Yes, let's do it.'

I wonder if Roger Waters and Nick Mason also share the same opinion. Meanwhile, Gilmour has released the official video clip of his new single: