Imagine Dragons usher in a new era with "Eyes Closed"

Imagine Dragons, the new album arrives: mystery about Platzman

From quartet to trio: Imagine Dragons are back, but the mystery linked to the absence of drummer Daniel Platzman deepens.

The band has announced the release of the new album “Loom”, which will arrive in stores and on streaming platforms around the world on June 28th, preceded by the newly released single “Nice to meet you”. But in the new promotional photos released by Emi, the group's record label, Platzman continues to be absent: only frontman Dan Reynolds, guitarist Wayne Sermon and bassist Ben McKee, who also appear in the video clip of the new song. There is no trace of Daniel Platzman, who joined the band in 2011, not even on the group's official social channels. Platzman had not even participated in the previous single “Eyes closed”, recorded by Imagine Dragons together with J Balvin.

On his social channels, however, Platzman is very active: he posts videos of himself playing the drums, interactive musical games and much more. Under each post, Imagine Dragons fans go wild: they ask him what happened, why there is no news about the relationship between him and the other members of the band and if sooner or later he will return to play with the group. Platzman, however, does not reply.

Last year the drummer took a break from the group in the middle of the tour: “I haven't been well.

I can't tell you the deep regret I feel for disappointing our incredible South American fans and my bandmates, but I need to take some time to focus on my health,” the musician said. On the matter last September The group's manager, Mac Reynolds, brother of frontman Dan, also spoke: “We all love Dan, Wayne, Ben and Platz. And because we love them, we must let them tell what they have to tell when they want and when they are ready to do so. We all wish we knew answers sooner. But I think it's best to give everyone a little more breathing room and let people decide to share their story at their own time.”