Metallica, the tour starts (which will stop in Milan): the setlist

Metallica, the tour starts (which will stop in Milan): the setlist

Anticipation is mounting for the show in Milan which on May 29th, next Wednesday, will mark Metallica's live return to our country. And when there are only a few days left until the band's performance of “Nothing else matters” on the stage of iDays 2024, here comes the setlist. Metallica in fact christened the tour – of which the Milanese date represents one of the stages – last night in Munich, Germany.

The show is different from last year's: it starts with “Whiplash” (the single which in 1983, forty years ago, preceded the release of the group's debut album, “Kill 'em all”), we continue with “For whom the bell tolls” and then we continue for a total of sixteen songs, including warhorses such as “Nothing else matters” and “Master of puppets” and rarities such as “Of wolf and man”, performed for the first time. .

Naturally, the setlist also includes some songs taken from the latest album by James Hetfield and his associates, “72 Seasons”, released last year: from the album Metallica play “Lux Æterna”, “Shadows follow” and “Too far gone? “. Here are the videos of the Munich show (where the band will also perform this evening) and, below, the concert setlist:

“For whom the bell tolls”
“Of wolf and man”
“The memory remains”
“Lux Æterna”
“Too far gone?”
“Fate to black”
“Shadows follow”
“Nothing else matters”
“Sad but true”

“The day that never comes”
“Seek & destroy”
“Master of puppets”