Italian Rap Game Over: the return of MadMan (and more)

Italian Rap Game Over: the return of MadMan (and more)

“M is back, the fun is over.” Is he a threat? Yes. At least for the protagonists of the Italian rap game. Madman warms up his engines ahead of the release of his new album, among the most anticipated releases of the year by followers of the genre. The album, titled “Lonewolf” will arrive next Friday, May 31st. But it is already possible to hear a preview, thanks to the single “Plenilunio”, with which the rapper originally from Puglia conquers the cover of Italian Rap playlist Game Overall dedicated to the best of the rap scene of the moment, which you can listen right below.

Fans have been asking for his big return for months and last week MadMan – real name Pierfrancesco Botrugno, born in 1988 – announced the release of the new album (pre-order is already active at this link).

The album, according to previews, will be the story of un path of rediscovery and search for solitude, to finally be able to feel good about oneself, like a werewolf in the full moon who accepts his true nature. The album will be available in physical version as a CD (available in standard and signed CD versions, both already sold out) and vinyl (available in standard versions, signed vinyl and also available in the transparent blue version exclusively on the Universal Music shop).

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MadMan is without a doubt one of the most respected rappers on the scene. The stamp And The style exercises of which he is capable are the trademark that made him a unicum in the Italian rap scene and which, at the same time, allowed him to always push the limits, while remaining at the same time true to himself.

“Lonewolf” arrives five years after the release of “Scatola nera”, the joint album with his lifelong friend Gemitaiz who consecrated him, and even six years after the last solo album “Back home” (but in November 2021 the mixtape “MM Vol. 4” had arrived, a dark, introspective work, the result of the lockdown).