Billie Eilish: "Nobody wants three-hour concerts"

Billie Eilish: “Nobody wants three-hour concerts”

“Three hour long concerts? Nobody wants them.” Word of Billie Eilish. The Los Angeles pop star, who has just returned to the recording scene with the new album “Hit me hard and soft”, three years after the previous “Happier than ever”, chatted with fans on the StationHead app, anticipating some ideas about the shows of the world tour with which he will present the album. The tour will start on September 29th from the Videotron Center in Quebec, Canada, and will see Billie Eilish tour the entire world throughout 2025. The tour will also stop in Italy, for a single date – already announced and immediately sold out – scheduled for 8 June 2025 at the UnipolArena in Bologna.

The voice of “Bad guy” hinted that the shows will not be long-winded at all. Far from it.

I'm not going to do a three-hour show. This is literally for psychopaths. Nobody wants it. You don't want it and I don't want it. I personally wouldn't listen to my favorite artist for three hours.

Billie Eilish also offered some previews of the lineup, still to be written:

What if I play all the songs from the new album? I can not do that. My show would last a million years. If I did that, I would have to cut more songs. So I'll have to choose. However I would like to play most of the songs from “Hit me hard and soft”.

The reflections that Billie indulged in on the blockbuster durations of the concerts have once again annoyed Taylor Swift's fans, who wanted to read in her statements new alleged digs at her colleague, whose name Eilish actually never mentions. It had already happened last month, when Billie Eilish had pointed the finger in an interview with Billboard against colleagues who print different vinyl variants of their respective records “just to sell more copies”, not caring about the environmental impact.

“It would be nice if people would stop putting words in my mouth that I never said and read what I actually said in the article. I wasn't pointing the finger at anyone, I was talking about an industry-related problem,” .si had Billie defense.