Eiffel 65 and Loredana Berté: a "bestial" collaboration

Eiffel 65 and Loredana Berté: a “bestial” collaboration

“Bestialis the new single fruit of the collaboration between Eiffel 65 And Loredana Berté which will be available from Friday 24 May.

After signing “I'm Good (Blue)” with David Guetta and Bebe Rexha, the Eiffel 65 change register and start into play with this new collaboration with Loredana Berté which follows the success of “Pazza”, the song presented at Sanremo 2024.

For Loredana there is no need for introductions, especially after the relaunch in style with “Pazza” at the last Sanremo Festival. Here is a brief refresher on the Eiffel 65.

They were born in Turin in 1998 and bring their dance music to the world. In their career they have sold over 15 million records around the world, they received a World Music Award and a Grammy Award nomination for “best dance artist”.

Starting from the triumph of “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” (1998), which became a hit in every country, they have collected platinum and diamond records, prestigious collaborations – from Franco Battiato to David Guetta – and thousands of live performances.

In 2005, given his numerous solo commitments, Gabry Ponteone of the founders, definitively leaves the band, they embrace a successful solo career as a DJ.

In 2024, more than twenty years after their first participation in the Sanremo race (2023 with “Those who have no age”), Maurizio “Maury” Lobina And Gianfranco “Jeffrey” Randone they returned to the Festival stage to duet with Fred De Palma in the evening of covers on the notes of theirs songs.