Liam Gallagher: "Song 2 by Blur? I would have written it upside down"

Oasis seem to be ready to announce something

Oasis seem to be ready to announce something. A video appeared surprisingly this evening on all official social channels by Oasis is literally driving fans crazy. In the clip, which lasts just fourteen seconds, a building built on the bank of a river is shot from above and indefinite noises can be heard in the background.

The first thought of many, inevitably, was that relating to the (unlikely) reunion of Liam and Noel Gallagher, knife-brothers who since the dissolution of the most emblematic group of Brit pop, which occurred in the summer of 2009 after yet another argument between the two, the bloodiest, which took place in the backstage of Rock en Seine between guitars very heavy words were thrown – and written – of all colors through social media and the press. Dreaming costs nothing: but the most attentive fans did not miss a detail.

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The building seen in the clip, in fact, is not just any building. Are the Sawmills Studios of Golant, bordered by the River Fowey, in Cornwall. It was there that between 1993 and the very first months of 1994 Liam and Noel Gallagher, accompanied by Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs, Paul “Guigsy” McGuigan and Tony McCarroll recorded part of their dazzling debut album “Definitely maybe”which would be shipped to stores by Alan McGee's Creation Records on August 30, 1994.

The album, which thanks to singles such as “Supersonic”, “Shakermaker”, “Live forever” and “Cigarettes & alcohol” catapulted Oasis to the top of the British (first) and European (then) charts, officially kicking off that parable that would have seen the Gallagher brothers write in a handful of years some of the most iconic pages of 90s rock, will soon complete its first thirty years and it is highly likely that it will return to the shops with bonus tracks and unreleased tracks. “In the Sony archives we found tapes dating back to those sessions. We thought they were lost, but they were mislabeled. They're wonderful versions of those songs, some acoustic versions“, Noel Gallagher himself had anticipated a few months ago.

Compared to the celebrations, Liam moved forward as early as last Octoberannouncing the dates of a celebratory tour entirely dedicated to “Definitely maybe”. Dates which naturally do not include the presence of brother Noel on stage. The tour, confined, at least for now, only to the United Kingdom, will start onJune 1st from the Utilita Arena in Sheffield and will then see the singer stop in the main British cities, from Manchester to London. “It is the most important album of the 90s. I wouldn't be here without it, and you wouldn't be here either, so let's celebrate together“Liam said.