Air, a tour and a reissue of "Moon Safari" for the 25th anniversary

Air, a tour and a reissue of “Moon Safari” for the 25th anniversary

After announcing a tour of Europe and the UKto celebrate twenty-five years since the release of the album “Moon Safari”. Air they announced the arrival of one new deluxe edition of their debut album, originally released in 1998.

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The first album by Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckelwho will play live Also in Italy for an already sold out date at the Fabrique in Milan on Sunday 25 February 2024, returns to the shops for the twenty-fifth anniversary in the form of box set (a Deluxe 2CD/Blu Ray Audio-Video) which will include a Spatial Dolby Atmos audio version of the original album along with rare or unreleased songs, as well as documentary film by Mike Mill of 1998 “Eating, sleeping, waiting & playing”, filmed during the band’s first world tour and much more.

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Thinking back to the publication of “Moon Safari”, which over time turned out to be a work that made the history of electronic music, Dunckel said in a press release: “We were a duo doing something electronic, dreaming of selling 10,000 copies and being recognized by other musicians as cool. Then, suddenly, we met the world“. Jean-Benoît Dunckel, who also defined the album as “a profound, universal spell, full of love and mystery”, was echoed by Godin, who stated: “For me, ‘Moon Safari’ is perfect“.

Along with the reissue of “Moon Safari”, Air have announced new dates during which they will play the album in its entirety, including an evening at the Royal Albert Hall in London and – among other things – a show at Sónar by Barcelona.

Here is the tracklist for the deluxe edition of “Moon Safari”:

Disc 1

01 The Silver Femme
02 Sexy Boy
03 All I Need
04 Kelly Watch The Stars
05 Talisman
06 Remember
07 You Make It Easy
08 Ce Matin La
09 New Star In The Sky
10 Le Voyage De Penelope
Disc 2

01 Unreleased Demos, Live Radio, Remixes
Disc 3

01 Blu-ray Audio: Full Album In Dolby Atmos & Stereo HD (-Stéréo 192Khz 24 Bit -Dolby Atmos 48KHZ 24 Bit 24 Frames)
02 Blu-ray Video: Eating, Sleeping, Waiting And Playing
03 Blu-ray Video : A Film About Air On Tour By Mike Mills
04 Blu-ray Video: A One-Hour Documentary About Air’s 1998 Tour, Shot In New-York, London And Paris.
05 Blu-ray Video : Air Videos By Mike Mills : Sexy Boy, Kelly Watch The Stars, All I Need, Le Soleil Est Prêt De Moi