A film about the story of Gianna Nannini on Netflix

A film about the story of Gianna Nannini on Netflix

Dto May 2nd, only on Netflix, it will be available”You are in the soul“, the film based on the book “My dicks, autobiography published in 2016 (See here), which tells the story of Gianna Nannini. The film is produced by Indiana Productions and directed by Cinzia TH Torrinistarring Letizia Toni in the role of the icon of Italian female rock.

A fragment of the story of one of the most recognizable voices of our music, thirty years told starting from childhood, from the roots of her life and her career, passing through a turning point that cuts Gianna’s life into two parts, so to consider it his true birth: the year 1983.

“Sei nell’anima” (from the title of a 2006 song by Nannini) takes the audience on a journey into the life and creative mind of the artist Sienese.

The cast of the film also includes Selene Caramazza, Maurizio Lombardi, and Stefano Rossi Giordani, with the participation of Andrea Delogu who plays a young woman Mara Maionchi.

“You are in the soul”is written by Cinzia TH Torrini And Cosimo Calamini with Donatella Diamanti and at the same Gianna Nannini.