Who is Olivia Stone, the French singer who duets with Annalisa

Who is Olivia Stone, the Belgian singer who duets with Annalisa

“One day I will become a big star,” she promises on social media. Who knows whether the version for the French market of “Sincerely”, in duet with Annalisa, in addition to representing the Carcare singer-songwriter's passe-partout for international success, also represents the first step in Olivia Stone's climb. But who is the singer that Annalisa chose as a partner for the “French version” of the Sanremo hit?

22 years old, born in Belgium to an American mother and Belgian father (a fan of rock'n'roll and disco music), Olivia Stone says she is inspired by pop stars such as Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa and Mahalia. The Belgian public discovered her thanks to “The Voice”: Olivia was only 15 years old when she decided to sign up for the Belgian version of the talent show. There are still videos on YouTube of her performing in the show's studio, to the tune of hits like “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift herself. She didn't win the program, but she was the first contact with the world of show biz.

In recent years he has tried to carve out a place for himself in the French pop scene as an independent: “As an independent, being an artist doesn't just mean singing on stage: it's much more. You have to have a corporate vision”, he said. Last year she joined the roster of the French Parlophone, a label of the Warner Music Group, the same one for which she records Annalisa. “Solitaire” was the first single recorded for the label: the song has just over 300 thousand streams on Spotify.