Vasco Rossi, here is the lineup of the Vasco Live 2024 tour

Vasco Rossi, here is the lineup of the Vasco Live 2024 tour

During the “open soundcheck” reserved for fan club members held yesterday evening, Saturday 1st June, at the Bibbione Municipal Stadium, Vasco Rossi revealed the lineup of shows that will make up the “Vasco Live 2024”, a tour that will see the Emilian artist on stage in the stadiums of Milan (7, 8, 11, 12, 15, 19 and 20 June) and Bari (25, 26, 29 and 30 June).

The setlist includes a total of 26 songs, 21 performed during the main set and 5 in the encores. Alongside classics such as “Albachiara” (held as the grand finale), “C'è chi dice no”, “Sally” and “Gli ordini sopra” (cover of “Celebrate”, a 1989 song included in the band's eponymous debut album Irish An Emotional Fish), we note the returns to the set list of “'Blasco' Rossi” and “Asilo Republic” (respectively absent from the artist's live shows since 2018 and 2019), “Vivere senza te” and “Jenny è passa” ( whose last live performances date back to 2010), “Un gran bel film” (performed on stage by Rossi for the last time in 2016) and “Come stai”, performed for the first time since 2014. The recovery from the live repertoire the most dated, in terms of time, is that of “Basta Poco”, reintroduced into the setlists by Rossi after a break lasting 17 years.

In Bibione he made his live debut “Gli ordini che fai”, a single published in September 2023 to coincide with the release of the docu-series produced by Netflix “Il supervissuto”.

At the end of the main set – before “Ridere di te”, “Rewind” and “Il mondo che would like” – a medley was inserted which brings together “The witch (the Saturday night diva)”, “What do you want from me” , “Do you want to stay still”, “You want something from me”, “Blue eyes” and “Incredible romantic”.

Here, below, is the setlist of the “open soundcheck” performed yesterday evening, Saturday 1st June, at the Municipal Stadium of Bibione:


“Blasco” Rossi
“republic” kindergarten
You shoot at him
The mistakes you make
How old are you
How are you
Living without you
Jenny is crazy
Moody Sunday
Interlude 2024 / Echo Lake
A great film
The end of the millennium
The Angels
It doesn't take much
There are those who say no
The witch (the Saturday night diva) / What do you want from me / Do you want to stay still! / You want something from me / Blue eyes / Incredible romantic / Laughing at you
The world I would like

BIS #1

Say it to the moon
If I could tell you
Just us
Reckless Life / Song
Clear dawn