U2: welcome tribute to Taylor Swift for shows in Dublin

U2: welcome tribute to Taylor Swift for shows in Dublin

The various stages of Taylor Swift’s European tour do not go unnoticed, both for the reactions of the fans (the Italian ones are already preparing for the concerts at San Siro next 13 and 14 July) and for the stars who participate or express themselves on the passage of pop stars, from – among others – Paul McCartney and the British royals to Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters. U2 is now added to the list of artists or public figures who did not remain indifferent to the arrival of the voice of “Anti-hero” in their country.

This evening – June 29 – and tomorrow, Taylor Swift will hold two concerts in Dublin, and in view of her arrival in their city Bono and his companions have decided to welcome the singer with a bouquet of flowers accompanied by a handwritten note and signed by his “Irish fan club”, Bono, the Edge, Adam (Clayton) and Larry (Mullen Jr.) which reads: “Dear Taylor, welcome back to our city… will you leave any intact?!!! “.

Commenting on the gift she received, Swift wrote on the image: “I can already feel the Irish welcome. Thank you U2 for always being the most elegant and coolest.”

Last week, the European leg of Taylor Swift’s “Eras tour”, fresh from the release of her new album “The tortured poets department” (here’s our review), stopped for three dates at London’s Wembley Stadium, attracting several famous people in the audience. From a few miles away, however, the singer also saw a quick jab from Dave Grohl, on stage at the London Stadium with his Foo Fighters (here’s our story of the band’s second London date, when the frontman had fun bringing up the pop star’s name a few times).

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The pop star seems to have responded indirectly to Kurt Cobain’s former friend the following evening, directly from the Wembley stage, complimenting his musicians. There are several theories among fans regarding Grohl’s release against Swift, some of whom also remember that months ago the singer’s fans (the Swifties) harshly attacked the musician’s daughter, Violet, for speaking out against his massive use of air transfers during the tour dates.