The Mamas and Papas sung in Italian

The Mamas and Papas sung in Italian

THE Mamas and Papasa vocal quartet born in September 1965 from the union between John Phillips (passed away in 2001), his wife Michelle Gilliam (who turns 80 today), Cass Elliot (passed away in 1974) e Denny Doherty (who passed away in 2007), made his recording debut in 1965 and became very popular in the United States, thanks to the freshness of his folk-rock songs and (also) the hippie image of the members.

Already in 1968, after some important recording successes, the band broke up following marital disagreements between John and Michelle (there was an attempt at a reunion in 1971, but without particular results) and the desire to Mama Cass to pursue a solo career. We celebrate 80 years of Michelle Gilliam Phillips listening to some of their hits and the covers of the same ones that were done in Italian.

Mamas and Papas: “California Dreamin'”

Dik Dik: “Dreaming of California”

Mamas and Papas: “Monday Monday”

Bobby Solo: “Monday Moon”

Mamas and Papas: “I saw her again”

Dik Dik: “The world is with us”

Mamas and Papas: “Go where you wanna go”

Girl 77: “The road is long”

Mamas and Papas: “Dedicated to the one I love”

Alligators: “Dedicated to you”

Mama Cass: “Dream a little dream of me”

Sylvie Vartan: “Nostalgia”