Geolier, Fibra and Rose Villain: “Rap is the most sincere genre”

The judges for the second edition of “Nuova Scena” have been confirmed

After the first edition, Fabri Fibra, Geolier And Rose Villain they will return to take on the role of judges in the second season Of New Scene – Rhythm + Flow Italiathe rap music competition, produced by Fremantle, which is coming exclusively on Netflix in 2025.

The start of filming is imminentbut the search for the protagonists of the new Italian rap scene is still open: anyone who wants to apply you can simply write to [email protected]. The winner will receive a prize Of 100,000 euros

Regarding the impact of the first season, it should be remembered that the unreleased songs from “Nuova Scena”, including the original tracks of the top 5 classified – Kid Lost, Jelecrois, Elmatadormc7, Spender and Grein – have overall exceeded 606 million streams considering all music and social platforms.

The rapper Kid Lostwinner of the show, was awarded by the mayor of Qualiano (his hometown in the province of Naples) as “excellence of the city.

For all those who want to stay updated on talent-related news, just visit page of the show on Netflix.