Marky Ramone performed in front of school

Marky Ramone performed in front of school

Surprise concert by the American rock icon Marky Ramone in the square in front of the Giovanni da Castiglione high school Castiglion Fiorentino (Arezzo).

This morning the Ramones drummer, who recently bought a house in the historic center of the Valdichiana town of Arezzo, performed on the drums playing all his most famous pieces for the kids but also for the many people who stopped to listen to him .

The high school students, despite the generational gap, showed themselves attentive but above all they revealed that they knew the pieces to such an extent that a young drummer played together with Ramone.

At the end of the performance, which lasted about twenty minutes, Marky Ramone signed shoes, t-shirts and drum sticks to the students who queued up. Satisfaction of the principal Sauro Tavarnesi, organizer of the surprise for his students, and of the mayor Mario Agnelli who attended the concert.

“Music has once again proven to be an excellent glue between young people and above all a way to unite generations” commented the mayor.