The end of the twenties according to Michelangelo Vood

The end of the twenties according to Michelangelo Vood

The end of his twenties, one might say, citing the title of the album that made Motta's talent known to everyone in 2016. Here, however, it is not the Tuscan singer-songwriter who sings it, but a colleague of his. Michelangelo Vood, real name Michelangelo Paolino, born at the foot of Mount Vulture, in the heart of Basilicata, releases his debut album “Non c'èpiù tempo”.

The album arrives five years after the victory in Genoa for Voi, the talent show for authors, and four years after Vood's participation in Dream Hit, the first Italian social talent show: it was 2020 when the singer-songwriter appeared among the competitors with “Campo minato “, reaching the final and receiving the applause of the judges Carl Brave and M¥SS KETA who appreciated his interpretative and writing skills. “Every day I think that I don't understand anything about life. At my age my parents already had a house, a stable job and two children, while I'm renting in Milan with 3 other people, I have a precarious job and I could barely take care of a dog, let alone a child. I feel a clock that never stops, telling me that there is no more time, that I have to move if I don't want to remain a failure for life I'm moving, but I don't know where I'm going. Fear, love, future, loneliness, sacrifices, resignation, hope, parents, friendships, province, disappointment, hunger, trains, choices, addictions, failures, insomnia, truth all this in my first album”, he says, regarding the album, which is released by Carosello, the same label that in recent years has launched and made pop phenomena the various Thegiornalisti, Levante, Diodato, Coez. .

The album also contains the singles “Scemo”, “Due morsi” and “2000 anni”, with which in recent months Michelangelo Vood has tried to carve out a place of his own among the voices of the new Italian singer-songwriter scene. The tour linked to the album started on May 10th from the Formigine Party Village in Casinalbo, in the province of Modena, and will continue throughout the summer: next stop, the Fringemi Festival scheduled for June 4th in Milan.

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“A few days ago I decided to let some of my students listen to the album for the first time. It was a very emotional afternoon that I will carry with me for a long time. For those who don't know, I teach Italian and history to these kids (I try). Between Soon they will graduate and will be catapulted into the world of “grown-ups”, they can't wait. Even if they don't think about it now, in reality many of the fears and anxieties they feel are the same ones we feel…perhaps it's really true that ” you never become great”, he says.