Kid Rock: a journalist's difficult interview

Kid Rock: a journalist's difficult interview

A Kid Rock drunk and belligerent he allegedly waved a gun in front of a Rolling Stone reporter while also repeating that he used the “n-word(Substitute euphemism for English nigger and, in any other language, of the derogatory term corresponding to “Negro”) And attempted to incite the journalist to a physical fight.

The (not pleasant) meeting with the artist (already husband of Pamela Anderson from 2006 to 2007) was detailed by David Pesiner in a piece for Rolling Stone published on Sunday, May 19.

Pesiner visited Kid Rock at his Nashville ranch last month for what turned out to be a shocking multi-hour interview, during which the Detroit rocker discussed his support for Donald Trump and the right-wing culture wars.

As the alcohol continued to flow and Kid Rock became increasingly drunk, Pesiner described the moment the musician pulled out a gun and waved it in Pesiner's face. “I have a damn gun right here if you need it!” Kid Rock also reportedly shouted. “I found them everywhere!” referring to hypothetical enemies. This isn't the first time Kid Rock has shown his passion for guns.

He also used the “n-word” on several occasions, including when discussing how the Republicans were the party that “freed the fucking slaves.”

Kid Rock continued and also blocked Pesiner's multiple attempts to leave his studio (… how can you blame the journalist who wanted to leave?) and at a certain point he even asked him, as the interviewer reports, if he wanted to fight. “You think you can tear me apart?” he reportedly asked Pesiner, who replied, “Probably not.” Rock then added, “You can give it a try if you want.”

The entire interview paints a picture of “a 53-year-old, emotionally insecure man whose right-wing turn seems to have more to do with his emotional state than with real, deep-seated political beliefs.”

Prince is known for 'Purple Rain'. I'm known for shooting Bud Light cans! ” He complained at one point in the interview. As Pesiner (finally for him) left, Rock said to him, “Would you do me a favor? Just write the most horrible article about me. Just do it. It helps me.” He then added, “Are you going to tell everyone I was pretty cool?”