Springsteen is about to return live (but in the meantime he's looking back to '78)

Springsteen, the first live recoveries announced: we're moving forward to 2025

Bruce Springsteen has announced the first dates on which he will make up the concerts of the current European tour with the E Street Band postponed to the end of May “due to a lowering voice and on doctors' orders”.

The first shows to already have a recovery date are the one in Marseille, previously scheduled for May 25th, and the one in Prague, originally set for May 28th. Both concerts are postponed to next year, 31 May 2025 and 15 June 2025 respectively.

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Italian fans are now waiting to find out what will be the fate of the two shows that were supposed to be held on 1 and 2 June at San Siro, Milan, which were also canceled “due to vocal problems”.