Slipknot have a new (mysterious) drummer

Slipknot have a new (mysterious) drummer

With each new member joining the lineup, Slipknot have always been good at initially hiding their identity behind a mask to entertain their fans. This time, however, the heavy metal band has decided to be even more mysterious in letting the public know that they have found a new drummerfollowing the departure of Jay Weinberg.

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The group led by Corey Taylor has in fact shared a cryptic post with the girl on social media photo of a broken wand and the caption “Rehearsal”, “Rehearsal”.

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Slipknot's confidentiality in announcing that they have started rehearsing with the new drummer, however, hasn't stopped fan theories about who might be there now behind the drums. Starting from the brand of the wand, namely ProMark, recognizable by the black mark on the wood, the followers of the masked band hypothesize that the new recruit of the group could be Eloy Casagranderecently no longer a member of Burial after 13 years in the Brazilian band – which will celebrate its 40th anniversary this year with a “farewell tour”.

Cards will be revealed soon, when Slipknot hold theirs first concert of 2024 and after Weinberg's release on April 27th at the Sick New World Festival in Las Vegas, followed by a series of other shows.

For his part, last March 6th Jay Weinberg – who played his last live with Slipknot on November 3rd 2023 at the Hell & Heaven Metal Fest in Mexico – announced that he had officially joined Suicidal Tendencies as the new drummer. The 33-year-old musician – among other things the son of Max Weinberg, drummer of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, who years ago was also called to replacing his father on a tour of the New Jersey singer-songwriter – played on the last three studio albums of the band led by Corey Taylor: “.5: The Gray Chapter” in 2014, “We Are Not Your Kind” of 2019 and the most recent “

The End, So Far” of 2022. It was Slipknot who surprisingly announced on social media the decision to separate from the musician, among the ranks of the Des Moines formation since 2014, when he was called to take the place of co-founder Joey Jordison, who moved away from the group the year before due to a neurological disorder and that is passed away in July 2021.