Sanremo 2024: the most used words in songs

Sanremo 2024: Amadeus, “If the tractors arrive…”

As per proven ceremonial, the first press conference of the organization of the Sanremo Festival – Monday 5 February – sees the mayor of the Ligurian city, Alberto Biancheri, at the table, offering the ritual greetings and thanks and expressing his satisfaction with the city’s involvement . Sanremo’s culture councilor Silvana Ormea recalls the exhibition set up in the Santa Tecla space of the exhibition for 100 years of radio and 70 years of TV, open from this afternoon with free admission.

Marcello Ciannamea, entertainment director of RAI prime time, underlines the presence in Sanremo of the Viva Radio Due glass, from which Fiorello will host the daily broadcast in aftershow format (Viva Sanremo) immediately after the conclusion of each evening of the Festival, recalls that this evening during the Prima Festival all the competing singers will parade on the red carpet and he makes an all-encompassing list of thanks to those who are working on the Festival.

Federica Lentini, deputy director of prime time RAI, among other things summarizes the voting methods (we will write about it in detail tomorrow).

Simona Sala, director of Radio Due, the official radio station of the Festival, announces that Radio Due will broadcast both the Festival evenings and the aftershow of Viva Rai Due – Viva Sanremo (which will be repeated every morning at 6.30), and underlines that Radio Due will be the only radio station allowed to broadcast from inside the Ariston, with Gino Castaldo and Ema Stokholma (“we’ll do a Festival within the Festival”).

Amadeus thanks RAI and the Municipality of Sanremo, in particular the mayor Biancheri, claims to have given more importance to the radio (180 will vote) and is open to questions.

Dante Fabiani gives the floor to journalists.

What will the radio jury’s voting criteria be, considering that some songs or artists often have commercial links with them?

Amadeus says that on large numbers any conflicts of interest will be largely mitigated, and recalls that RTL 102.5 has given up voting.

National radios, area radios and regional radios will each represent, overall, 33% of the total voting radios, and the votes will be parameterized according to the size of the catchment areas.

Fiorello arrives and announces – perhaps not entirely jokingly – that Al Bano will lead the march on Sanremo of the tractors driven by protesting farmers (and Amadeus: “if they come I’ll let them get on stage”).

The Grammy Awards have almost all gone to women, in Sanremo there is a significant but still minority female representation.

Amadeus: “We will see the Top Five of the final evening, there could be surprises; especially one that no one expects.”

Regarding the fact that the regulations did not provide for the possibility of competing for a song entirely in dialect, with reference to Geolier’s song?

Amadeus: “I wrote the rules, I decided to make an exception.”