Roger Daltrey's favorite Who song

Roger Daltrey’s favorite Who song

In the autobiography that the frontman of Who Roger Daltrey released in 2018, titled ‘Thanks to Mr Kibblewhite’, he revealed what his favorite song by the band was.

In the volume, Daltrey (who turns 80 today) talks about the group’s main author, the guitarist Pete Townshendsays their relationship is complex but fruitful, said of him: “He is a totally different animal than me. He is the earth, I am the water. Together, we make things grow.”

And a song written by Townshend is his favorite Roger Daltreythat is to say “Behind Blue Eyes”. Song included in the fifth album of the Who published in 1971, “Who’s Next” (read the review here).

Pete Townshend regarding the lyrics of the song he once stated: “’Behind Blue Eyes’ is really bizarre because that was a song sung by the rogue (Jumbo), the fact that he felt in the original story that he was forced to be a villain while he felt like be a good boy.”

The song may have been written by Pete Townshendbut owes much of its perfect performance to the vocal performance of Roger Daltreysome believe that “Who’s Next” is his best singing performance ever. A particularly inspired tone that came out of him following a truly sad moment. “My dog ​​had been run over, the first dog I ever had. I was desperately trying to keep control.”