Taylor Swift: 96 thousand spectators in Melbourne.  It's a record (for her)

Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl for the ‘biggest deal ever’?

After having declined the invitation of the organizers of the 2023 Super Bowl to perform during halftime of the final, and seeing the more than positive effect on the ratings of his participation in this year’s edition for personal reasons (i.e. to cheer for her boyfriend Travis Kelce, player for the Kansas City Chiefs, winners of the 58th Super Bowl), Taylor Swift is the star on which the National Football League continues to focus for the halftime show.

According to what was reported by the US edition of “The Sun”, in addition to the attempt to involve Swift already in this year’s show and receiving another no, the NFL would have started negotiations with the 34-year-old American singer-songwriter to perform at the halftime show of next Super Bowl, for “the most profitable deal ever” and a turnover of almost 1.5 billion dollars.

After Usher’s show at halftime of the final last February, which became the most watched in history with 123.4 million average viewers in the States, for the 59th Super Bowl, scheduled for February 9, 2025 at Caesars Superdome in New Orleans , the leaders of the National Football League aim to surpass any result achieved so far by trying to involve the voice of “Anti-Hero”.

As highlighted by the “US Sun”, league commissioner Roger Goodell recognizes Taylor Swift’s ability, with her presence alone, to attract audiences who are generally less passionate about football, particularly female audiences, and younger fans, with therefore the possibility of a significant increase in advertising revenue. If the pop star were to have a starring role in the halftime show of the most followed sporting event in the United States, the results she could generate would be even higher.

According to what was reported by some economic analysts from the NFL world quoted by the US edition of “The Sun”, “this year the mere presence of Swift at some games, including the Super Bowl, generated a turnover of between 700 and 750 million dollars (equal to approximately 645-691 million euros, ed.). If he is the protagonist artist of next year’s halftime show, a figure between 1.3 and 1.5 billion dollars is expected (equal to to approximately 1.2-1.383 billion euros, ed.)”.

Another insider speculates that with Taylor Swift as the star of the National Football League championship halftime show, “TV spots could cost as much as $8.5 million (€7.84 million) each.” , that is, with an increase of approximately 1.5 million more than the 7 million dollars (almost 6.5 million euros) asked this year to companies to reserve a 30-second spot during the event.

Another source heard by the “US Sun”, furthermore, underlines that if Taylor Swift really were to perform at the halftime show of the next Super Bowl, and if her boyfriend’s Kansas City Chiefs were to reach the final again for the third consecutive year , “it would be the largest sporting event ever broadcast in America” ​​and could “surpass 140 million viewers and break new records”. A source who works as a business consultant for the NFL then told The Sun with a smile: “Swift and Kelce’s relationship is probably the best gift ever given to the NFL.”