The band that will perform at the Colosseum for over 1000 euros

The band that will perform at the Colosseum for over 1000 euros

The band calls it an “epic event.”

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After all, the location is already epic. The name of the Colosseum looms large on the poster: in reality the group will not perform inside the Flavian Amphitheatre, but a few meters away, at the Temple of Venus (the site is still part of the complex of the Colosseum Archaeological Park). Ticket prices are also epic. The cheapest ones cost 999 pounds, just over a thousand euros: 1167 euros, to be precise. The most expensive ones are on sale for 2999 pounds, i.e. 3505 euros. Yes, you read that right: three thousand five hundred and five euros. By the way: the band is not the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd or Oasis. They are Icelanders .Kaleo. On Saturday the group will be the protagonists of a “cinematic experience” in Rome hosted by the fascinating archaeological site: they will play in the shadow of the amphitheater considered the symbol of the capital’s history for 250 lucky – and wealthy, one might say – spectators.

Those who cannot afford to be physically present at the Colosseum will be able to attend the show next summer. Yes, because the show has been defined as a “cinematic experience” not by chance: the event will be filmed by the cameras of Giorgio Testi, a documentary maker already alongside Afterhours, Calcutta, Mahmood, Negramaro and others, and will be relived at cinema in the coming months.

The Kaleo, which – we read from the press release – “to date they have accumulated more than 4 billion global streams, more than 60 international certifications, countless sold-out headlining shows, participation in festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo, as well as having opened shows for the Rolling Stones” – they wanted to “give themselves” this show to celebrate their first ten years of career. The frontman JJ Julius Son says: “I am extremely excited to be able to create this once in a lifetime cinematic experience with Giorgio and the Vertigo Live team, I have always wanted to perform at the Colosseum, so for me this is a dream come true. And I can’t wait for our fans to see the film”. Testi says he is “a big Kaleo fan”: “SI’m happy to be able to collaborate with them to bring JJ’s vision to life. Expect a film of truly epic proportions.”

The film will be shot with an audience of real extras, “offering fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in the film, with a wrap party hosted by MTV legend VJ Matt Pinfield,” the statement reads. . In fact, more than paying for the location – or for the band – the spectators pay to be present in the film. “Standard” tickets, those on sale at 1167 euros, offer buyers the possibility, as stated on the site, of “becoming an extra in the film”, complete with a mention in the credits. Those on sale at 3505 euros also offer the possibility of attending a performance by the Icelandic band on the eve of the show, tomorrow afternoon, at the Belvedere Terrace of the Palatine.