Robert Plant and songwriting: "I can't find the words"

Robert Plant and songwriting: “I can’t find the words”

In a recent interview for the US edition of “Rolling Stone” to announce his next North American tour with Alison Krauss, which will see him busy before the “Saving Grace” tour with 11 dates in Italy, Robert Plant spoke of his difficulties in writing songs.

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Sharing his recent commitments in the chat, the former Led Zeppelin explained that in working on new music he encountered difficulties in writing lyrics, unable to write something that could correspond to what he wants to say about today’s world.

During the interview, Plant said he had been busy exploring material he never released and hasn’t finished yet. When asked specifically if he was working on new music, the 75-year-old musician said: “I have a Tascam digital recorder, and I sing, and I put the vocals through a guitar pedal, and then I record them on that, and it sounds like great. Why bother going to the studio? But I can’t find the words. This is a very difficult time to be trying to write lyrics.”

During the chat, Plant said that he was not yet ready to think about retirement: “For me the continuum must continue,” said the artist: “Today I was taking out all my lyric books and thinking: ‘I have to find the rhythm. I have something to say’. So yes, I’ll keep going, as long as they have effects machines that make me sound good.”