Raffaella Carrà, at the top of the Spotify global charts

Raffaella Carrà, at the top of the Spotify global charts

With the new remix of his famous hit “Pedro“, originally released as a single together with “Maria Marì” in May 1980 as the first extract from the eleventh studio album “Mi spendo tutto”, Raffaella Carrà conquered the top of the Spotify “Daily Viral Songs Global” chart in the period between 15 and 22 April.

In the “Spotify Global Top 50” chart, the new version of the song, edited by DJs and producers Jaxomy and Agatino Romero published last March 29, has reached position number 24 in recent weeks, while it is now at number 42. This result has made Raffaella Carrà the first Italian woman to reach the highest position ever in the “Top 50 Global Spotify” chart.

The remix of “Pedro” also reached the top of other rankings of the popular Swedish streaming platform, namely the “Viral 50 Italy” and the “Viral 50 Global“.

The song is accompanied by a video clips starring the two DJs and producers of the remix, together with a blonde girl and a Vespa:

It is not the first time that the music of Raffaella Carrà, who passed away in July 2021, has been taken up by other artists and contemporized: already in 2011 Bob Sinclair's remix of “A far l'amore begins tu” he transformed a song published 35 years earlier into a contemporary hit.