Pink Floyd: another new edition of "The dark side of the moon"

Pink Floyd: another new edition of “The dark side of the moon”

The celebrations continue for fiftieth anniversary Of “The dark side of the moon“, the album of Pink Floyd originally released in the US on 1 March 1973, and then in the UK on the following 16 March (here is an in-depth look at the release dates). After the box set celebrating the fiftieth anniversary released last year, in fact, the iconic album by the historic British band will be made available in another new version.

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As announced in a press release, the next one April 19th will be published a “Collector’s edition” of “The dark side of the moon” on clear vinyl. This will be a set of two 180g single-sided vinyls, with UV graphic print on the undebossed side. This new edition of the album will therefore feature the familiar prismatic spectrum of the cover seen through the playable side of the vinyl, whilst “retaining the best sound quality”. It will be packaged in a gatefold slip-case, with an exclusive poster.

According to the press release, “the images are printed with a high-end UV printer, using UV-LED light to cure the permanent ink on the silent side on which the image is printed. This combination of audio ( on one side) and UV printing (on the side without sound) combines the best of both worlds: perfect sound and a beautiful picture to admire.”

The “Collector’s edition” on transparent vinyl of “The dark side of the moon” for its fiftieth anniversary it follows the many celebratory initiatives such as – among other things – the remastered version on CD, LP and Blu-ray, the box set, the projections in planetariums and the contest for visual designers.