Paul McCartney officially announces “One hand clapping”

Paul McCartney officially announces “One hand clapping”

After last week's news, theofficial announcement of the release of “One hand clapping”the live album recorded by the former Beatle with his Wings in 1974 and never formally released before.

As confirmed by McCartney through a clip shared on his social channels, the album will be available from next June 14th both digitally and in double vinyl and double CD formats.

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The double live album, so far released in various parts by fans in the form of bootlegscollects material recorded during the sessions that saw the band committed for four days in August 1974 at Abbey Road Studios with the intention of making a documentary and a potential live album. In the studio Paul and Linda McCartney were joined by the other members of Wings, Danny Laine, Jimmy McCulloch and Geoff Britton.

The forthcoming album, which it will also be available in Dolby Atmos edited by Giles Martin and Steve Orchard, will include live studio versions of well-known songs such as “Jet”, “Maybe I'm amazed” and “Band on the run”. They also date back to those sessions cover of some Beatles songs (“The long and winding Road”, “Blackbird”) and of songs from the 50sincluding “Blue moon of Kentucky”, “Twenty Flight Rock” and “Peggy Sue” – the latter two included on the bonus disc “The Backyard” with 5 previously unreleased solo acoustic tracks recorded in the Abbey Road backyard.

Here is the tracklist and cover, as reported on Paul McCartney's official online shop:

Disc 1

A1. One Hand Clapping 02:15

A2. Jet 03:59

A3. Soily 03:55

A4. C Moon/Little Woman Love 03:19

A5. Maybe I'm Amazed 04:52

A6. My Love 04:15

B1. Bluebird 03:27

B2. Let's Love 01:09

B3. All of You 02:04

B4. I'll Give You a Ring 02:03

B5. Band on the Run 5.20am

B6. Live and Let Die 03:26

B7. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five 05:50

B8. Baby Face 01:56

Disc 2

C1. Let Me Roll It 04:28

C2. Blue Moon of Kentucky 03:05

C3. Power Cut 01:33

C4. Love My Baby 01:13

C5. Let It Be 01:02

C6. The Long and Winding Road/Lady Madonna 02:10

Q1. Junior's Farm 04:17

D2. Sally G 03:28

Q3. Tomorrow 02:12

Q4. Go Now 03:35

D5. Wild Life 04:30

D6. Hi, Hi, Hi 03:57

Disc 3 7″

E1. Blackpool 01.43am

E2. Blackbird 02:27

E3. Country Dreamer 02:17

F1. Twenty Flight Rock 02:08

F2. Peggy Sue 01:24

F3. I'm Gonna Love You Too 01:10