When in Milan Phil Collins said: "Sun cuntent de vés chi!"

Nic Collins: “Playing with Genesis helped my career”

The son of Phil CollinsNic, in an interview with Almost Famous Magazine declared that playing with i Genesis it undoubtedly helped his career as a musician.

Nic Collins recalled the concerts of 'The Last Domino? Tours' together with his father, him behind the drums and Phil sitting on stage, who ended the career of Genesis: “Eventually with Genesis, like his last shows ever, being a part of it with him and being a part of Genesis, which I'm not only a fan of.

I was in the band but I'm a fan of the band. So I felt honored that they asked me to play drums on the last tour but more importantly, I love music and so not only being a part of their last tour of the field but also being able to be a part of it and seeing the relationship that my father has with Mike (Rutherford, ed.) and Tony (Banks, ed.)…”.

The 23 year old Nicholas Collins he also talked about the impact of those concerts with i Genesis on his career: “It's a friendship that has lasted for more than 50 years. What I mean to say is that it's really special to have seen this and been a part of it, it's something I will definitely never forget and it's had a huge impact not only on my career, it's helped me and opened a lot of doors which I'll always be grateful for. . It was also huge for me as a person to be able to experience this and the experiences I got from it were unlike anything else.”

THE Genesis they ended their career on March 26, 2022 with a last concert at the O2 Arena in London. Nic shared his feelings after the live with Rolling Stone magazine: “It was weird. I thought I was going to be a little more emotional and sad, but I was happy. It was a great show. It was a great way to end Afterwards we changed and had dinner, and everyone was there. Peter Gabriel came to the last show. It was just a great atmosphere. We were all together. so COVID wasn't a problem. We could finally have people backstage and then hang out. During the whole tour we couldn't do anything like that. At the last concert it was amazing to see everyone together and listen to them sharing memories.”