David Gilmour's favorite Pink Floyd song

David Gilmour announced the release of “Luck and Strange”

The guitarist of Pink Floyd David Gilmour announced that nine years after “Rattle That Lock” (read it here review) will publish on September 6th “Luck And Strange”. A recording of Rick Wright, the keyboard player of Pink Floyd passed away in 2008, part recorded in 2007 during a jam in a barn at David Gilmour. It will be out tomorrow “The Piper's Call”the album's first single.

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“Luck And Strange”
was recorded in Brighton and London over five months and was produced by Gilmour and
. Of the latter
David Gilmour
he said: “We invited Charlie over and he came and listened to some demos and said things like, 'Well, why does there have to be a guitar solo on there?' and 'Do they all fade away? Can't some end up like this?' He has a wonderful lack of knowledge and respect for my past. He's very direct and not at all intimidated, and I love that. It's really good for me because the last thing I want is for people to submit to me. ”

“Luck And Strange”
there are contributions from the daughter
Romany and Gabriel Gilmour
Guy Pratt and Tom Herbert
on the bass,
Adam Betts
Steve Gadd and Steve DiStanislao
on the battery,
Rob Gentry and Roger Eno
on keyboards with string and choir arrangements by

Will Gardner

Gilmour's wife,
Polly Samson
, again contributed lyrics and says, “It's written from the perspective of getting old; mortality is the constant.” And Gilmour adds: “We spent a lot of time during and after lockdown talking and thinking about this sort of thing.”
Anton Corbijn
photographed and designed the album cover image, which was inspired by a lyric written by
Charlie Gilmour
for the final song of the album,

About his family's involvement in the album
David Gilmour
explained: “Polly and I have been writing together for over thirty years and the Von Trapped live streams showed the fantastic fusion between Romany's voice and harp playing, this led to the feeling of discarding part of the past that I felt connected to and that I could throw away those rules and do whatever I felt like doing, and it was a great joy.”

“Luck And Strange”
will be available on black vinyl, gatefold cover and booklet with photography and design by
Anton Corbijn
on CD with two bonus tracks and with digipak, booklet and Blu-ray designed by Corbijn.


1. Black Cat
2. Luck and Strange
3. The Piper's Call
4. A Single Spark
5. Short Life
6. Between Two Points – with Romany Gilmour
7. Dark and Velvet Nights
8. Sings
9. Scattered

Bonus Tracks

Yes, I Have Ghosts
Luck and Strange (Original Barn Jam)