New Kids On The Block: “Still kids” released, first single "Kids"

New Kids On The Block: “Still kids” released, first single “Kids”

THE New Kids On The Block they will publish next May 17th “Still kids”, their first album in 11 years. The pop band composed of Jonathan Knight, Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood thus follows “10”, album released in 2013.

The release of the new album is anticipated by the single, “Kids”the song was written and produced by David Stewart and Luke Batt. Among the collaborations on the album is that of DJ Jazzy Jeff and Taylor Dayne.

The songs are written by Wahlberg and McIntyre. The former declared: “It's the most mature album we've ever made. Even though it's the funniest and most comforting album we've ever made. This album, more than any other, closes the circle for the New Kids and the fans. It's about hope, possibility and being ourselves.”

Joey McIntyre to the considerations brought by Donnie Wahlberg he added: “Does it say a lot about any band to make a record that has energy, passion, lightness, fun and depth, after almost 40 years together? It's crazy.”


1. 'Magic'

2. 'Summer Love'

3. 'Long Time Coming'

4. 'Kids'

5. 'A Love Like This'

6. 'Dance with You'

7. 'Come Back'

8. 'In the Night'

9. 'Runaway'

10. 'Pop'

11. 'Get Down' (feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff)

12. 'Old School Love' (feat. Taylor Dayne)

13. 'Better Days'

14. 'Stay'