Fish takes it out on fans who insulted him via social media

Fish takes it out on fans who insulted him via social media

Fish is in the throes of his farewell tour, but this is becoming a coincidence since the British musician took the liberty of adding some dates to the previously announced calendar. Some of the fans who had purchased tickets for what was supposed to be his last show actually felt betrayed because now that was no longer the last show of his career. Fish. This behavior and above all the insults received infuriated the musician who did not hold back and responded to those who had made rude comments towards him.

The 65-year-old Edinburgh artist whose real name is Derek William Dick from his profile Facebook he counterattacked by writing, “If I wanted to remind you why I am retiring and leaving the music business, then what I read here on the band pages and on my timeline.

They are only a minority, but they are loud and noticeable, but they are not representative of all 2,500 people who bought tickets to a Fish concert in Glasgow. After what I have received in the last two days I will not remain silent because it is not in the spirit of what I am trying to achieve or what I believe is the fundamental essence of this farewell tour.”.

Continuing again with these other words: “This is my farewell tour and I can choose where and how to do it. I will choose the setlist and decide what will and what will not be played on each night. It's my concert. If I did what everyone they wanted me to do then I wouldn't be who I am, I wouldn't be here now and you wouldn't follow my career. I'm not the monkey at the organ who smiles and takes pennies to dance. I totally understand that some of you are upset about buying tickets for a 'final show' and now it's the penultimate show. I've added one more show. Forgive me. If you really are still that unhappy and angry, sell your tickets and don't come to any of the Glasgow shows because you wouldn't come in the spirit that I would love to have you for those events.Like I said, what I have had to put up with reading the last few days has been way beyond what I should have put up with and I refuse to accept this negativity and shit into my life. I'm sure there will be some intelligent answers, well thought out arguments and intelligent reasoning as to why I'm a dick, but in all honesty I don't give a damn because it's just some people trying to steal center stage and if you don't know yet, This is still my stage.”

Robin Armstrong of Cosmograf he added, again via Facebook, to the conversation regarding the behavior of fans in relation to the comments of Fish. “I've been pushing for fan rights for a while, but I had no idea what levels it had reached. The furor over these Fish shows shows the worst side of it. Some of the comments in the original post are shocking and hurl insults at everyone he artist they claim to support… There are some who are more interested in the bragging rights of being at Fish's last show, than actually experiencing the last opportunities of what is one of the genre's most enduring and beloved artists. You will miss him when he is gone.”