Morrissey has bought back the rights to two of his albums

Morrissey has bought back the rights to two of his albums

Morrissey announced that he had reacquired the rights to two of his albums, after one long dispute with the Capitol Records label. The former frontman of Smiths has been feuding with Capitol for several years, after his album “Bonfire Of Teenagers” it has not yet been published despite being completed in 2021.

The album's release was announced for 2023, but then Morrissey he stated that he had “voluntarily withdrawn from any association with Capitol Records”. He had also revealed that Miley Cyruswho had acted as second vocals on the song

“THEAm Veronica” in 2020, he requested that his vocals be removed from the song.

Now the British musician, as reported by the NME has published a message on his website Morrissey Central entitled “A Rush And A Push AndThe Music Is Ours”referencing a 1987 Smiths song included on the latest album Smiths“Strangeways, Here We Come”. This is the message: “Morrissey paid the exit fee to Capitol Records to return the albums “WORLD PEACE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS” and “BONFIRE OF TEENAGERS”. It was a long, hard and bloody war. Few would have made it out alive and… I am no exception,” he commented. Morrissey remains unsigned.” “World Peace Is None Of Your Business” (read the review here) is the tenth solo album by the 64-year-old from Manchester, released in 2014.

Morrissey has announced the reissue of his 1993 live album “Beethoven Was Deaf”, which will be released on July 26. The album was recorded at the Zenith in Paris, and the new version will be available on CD and on black or orange vinyl. He also teased “two special concerts,” which should launch the July release, without giving the date.